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NEW LED Dog Tags - 2019 Edition

NEW LED Dog Tags - 2019 Edition



Be Safer for Night Walking

Daylight Savings is in full effect - Make sure you and your dog are safe!

*Good for Night Dog Walking: allow drivers, cyclists, joggers & others to easily see your pup from far distances.

*Be Safer at Night: Light up those darker areas so you can see better, see your dog better, and let others can see you as well.

* Suit for all sizes& types of pets, Just attach to your dog's collar, harness, leash, dog tags - or wherever you choose - & you're ready to enjoy!

Easy use

* Attached to the dog collars or dog harness, glow in the dark, Be seen at night, keep pets safe.

* Lobster type clasp is solid construction clip to easily attach to your dog's collar or side rings of the harness

* Push button switch, Three modes-hold the light mode,low flash mode,Fast flash mode.

What's Included:

- 2 Safety LED Lights

- Batteries

Just clip on , turn on, and go!